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Better Fresh Air Circulation, Leave It to Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Tower Fan

Spending your time at home after a hectic day can be a simple but quite refreshing activity to do. While resting your tired body in a comfy sofa, you can feel the breeze of wind from a fan that cools down the temperature. But wait! Is a fan the home equipment that you need in your space? Yes it is, if what you need is just a breeze. It is going to be different when you need more than that, say, better fresh air circulation.

You come to the right page since here you can get plenty information of Lasko 2551, a 42 in. wind curve tower fan with three quiet speed settings. Lasko 2551 is a perfect solution for fresh air circulation; the fresh air ionizer helps purify the air in your space. Rather than just gentle breeze that blows your hair, in this way you can get healthier and fresher air to enjoy.

Lasko 2551 review

Lasko 2551 review shows that compared to other similar item, this one works better due to some features for instance timer function that lets you set the tower fan for automatic use between 30 minutes up to 7.5 hours. This long duration of use enables you to cool down the room temperature as long as you need, the fan will not get tired before you say stop. Besides that, Lasko Tower Fan which is designed for convenience gives you flexibility to control the equipment from anywhere in the room with a multi-function remote control. Surprisingly, it has some more special features including:

  • Refined, brushed metallic accents bring a touch of modern appeal to any home or office
  • Sophisticated wind curve profile creates a sleek, streamlined look
  • High-reaching tower design ensures maximum air delivery
  • Remote control storage area helps you avoid losing the remote
  • Carry handle makes it easy to move around
  • Patented, fused safety plug ensures worry-free operation

Still doubt to purchase this tower fan? Take your time to think about it, but do not be surprised after taking a look at Lasko 2551 review below you will rush to the store to get one for your room. Let’s begin from:

Where to buy Lasko 2551

Quality and appearance

Lasko 2551 Wind Curve Tower Fan has a nice appearance that looks sophisticated and modern although it is made of plastic. With the size, Lasko Tower Fan is relatively light thus it is easy to be moved here to there without giving too much effort.

Blowing strength

As you know, Lasko has 3 speed settings that can be easily adjusted to your needs. You can notice a good difference from one setting to another. Compared to other product, Lasko has quite a stronger blow even for the lowest speed setting and therefore, you can be a little bit distant from the fan while still being able to feel the blown fresh air.


Lasko does not produce disturbing noise to you. The sound is still acceptable. Turn on the fan while you are watching TV, you will prove yourself that the noise is just nothing compared to the air it blows. Will it still be heard? Yes it will, but do not worry. Turn up the volume and the noise from the tower fan will fade away.


The fan has the following functions:

  • ON/OFF
  • 3 speeds
  • Oscillation option (80 degrees range)
  • Timer to go OFF (can be set from 1hr to 7hrs in 1hr increments)
  • Ionizer (for odors)

Finally, glad to tell you that Lasko Tower Fan is also easy to assemble. Even if you have no idea how to put all the parts together, you have the user manual. Easy to use, sturdy, high quality, and stylish. Do you have any more words to describe it?